1. Solve creative tasks when you are tired or it’s difficult to concentrate 😴

Studies have shown that at the time not optimal for us, we are able to think more non-standard, distract from usual patterns.
Each of us has its own individual rhythm of life. And so if you’re a lark, then it’s best way to postpone your creative activity for the evening.

2. Choose a place to work with moderate level of noise

Many people work in absolute silence, others are in music. Scientists have proven that complete silence increases our concentration, but limits the ability of fine thinking.
Therefore, if you need to solve a creative task, release consciousness and find new ideas. We recommend you to go to a coffee shop or to antique cafe, where it’s not as quiet and noisy.

3. Move your body

Even sports can improve creative thinking. You receive a dose of adrenaline and a good mood, which stimulates creativity.

If you have a stupor in solving a certain task and want a break, do a couple of physical exercises. As long as your brain continues working at a subconscious level, sports will accelerate the appearance of interesting ideas.

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