🔺1. Minimalism

This style has made a real splash on the site development.
The motto “Less means more” has inspired a whole generation of web developers to see stunning clean & simple pages without annoying framing, overloaded hats and clumsy footers.

🔺2. Typography is our everything

Typography controls the mood of the user. Some fonts are neat and clean, inspiring people to read. Ones are annoying, while others read difficult. There will be more and more concepts in 2020 where large serif headers will be a key element of design.

🔺3. Animation is the basis of web design today

A creative approach to animation sets the atmosphere around the interface. It is able to attract attention, entertain users or just distract from downloading content. Designers are advised to use as much graphics as possible in 2020.

🔺4. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is generally used in games, but in 2020 it will become a major trend at web design. Since many users have cameras on their smartphones, you can use it anywhere.

🔺5. Interesting and striking colors 🎨

One of the 2020-2021 web design trends remains the striking bright palettes designed with user preference in mind.
Many experts believe that effective commercial sites should give each user the color scheme in the future.


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