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We create unique, author’s products that stand out from the competition and are remembered by the target audience. Creating a brand begins with individuality

We create web design with taste

We create a site design that will exceed your expectations

  • By designing a website, we create an atmosphere!
    When a user first comes across an unfamiliar Internet resource, there is exactly one second that determines – stay on the page and explore the content or close the tab and never mention this visit again. The web designer is responsible for this important second. Often only one successful element is enough to catch the eye of the visitor and curiosity works.
    In IT-kitchen, we prepare only delicious sites, which means that we design the pages with taste. What does our team
  • invest in the concept of “web design with taste”? For us, this is a balance. We strive to find the middle ground between minimalism and sufficiency, between aesthetics and logic, between visual and textual content, between creativity and usefulness.
    We work to ensure that your site creates a favorable first impression and fulfills its objectives

We will guide you through this complex path of web design. Share with us ideas, vision, personal preferences, and we will offer you competent usability, visual elements developed especially for you, we will create a comfortable environment


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Popular web design services

Corporate website design

We design Internet resources based on the concept of Web 2.0 so that you interact more effectively with your audience

from 600

Landing Page Design

We develop the design of landing pages to launch an advertising campaign, short-term promotions, e-mails. We will design a separate page on your site or a separate page

from 300

eCommerce Design

We create designs of virtual showcases with clear navigation for successful online sales. We develop optimal solutions for projects of any complexity

from 1000

WOW Design

We make interesting, provocative, impressive designs that you want to share, that evoke emotions. If you want bold, creative solutions

from 1000

Mobile application design

Let’s create a mobile app design for any operating system. A great solution to interact with your customers not only through the site

from 700

Web Catalog Design

We will develop the design of a modern web directory with a wide range of functionalities for searching, categorizing, selecting product items by filters, etc.

from 700

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Web Design – is not just a visual part

When ordering web design services, you need to understand that the cost of website design includes not only the design of buttons and selection of color combinations – this part of the work is important, but it is the function of a graphic designer. Comparing these two areas is like looking for similarities between a picture and an LCD TV. Both objects look beautiful, but the picture is something static, and the TV is functional and interactive. We want to offer you a product that you will enjoy.

The main task of website design is to create a dynamic environment: such as an interface that the user can achieve their goals on the pages. Therefore, the creation of site design – is primarily about convenience, clarity, interest, and only then – the scenery.

Why it is better to order a professional website design.

  1. Poor quality sites are recognized even by inexperienced users from the first moments of visiting. Visitors are “cut” by the imbalance of colors, chaotic placement of elements, illogical navigation confuses, unstructured texts are tiring.Висновок: логіка оформлення та інтуїтивний інтерфейс «по зубам» тільки професіоналам.
  2. Template designs create a feeling of “deja vu” in visitors (somewhere I’ve seen it), and therefore do not arouse interest, the bounce rate is higher, and are forgotten the next minute after closing the tab.
    Conclusion: I want to return to the site with a unique design, which means that the conversion will be greater.
  3. Outdated appearance makes visitors think that the resource is abandoned, has not been updated for a long time, and doubts – whether to use the services of this company?
    Conclusion: just remember the words of Coco Chanel about the lack of a second chance and first impressions.
  4. There is a direct relationship between quality and price for site design. Cool sites look expensive, solid. Visitors on an intuitive level understand – it’s cool.
  5. Creating websites with the author’s web design is a high chance of organic search engine promotion and low costs for contextual advertising.
    Conclusion: another reason to order site design from professionals – high positions in search engines.