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What we do

We create innovative products that help sell, improve communication with customers, create a name in the market

Many years of experience in Web development, Design, Marketing

Web Development

The main goal is to create a modern and fast website: which is easy to manage without professional knowledge and skills, if necessary, it is possible to scale, which saves resources for further support and promotion.


We design unique interfaces, think over the most logical options for presenting information: the number of elements, navigation, design. We analyze user behavior. We create corporate styles


We are developing a digital strategy so that you can convert leads into customers, expand the base of regular, loyal customers, increase the average check and sales in general. Develop a brand on the Internet


Unique experience

Design & Development

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Corporate Website Aquariums

Design & Development

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We are experts in


We understand the psychology of people. We make sure that everyone can easily navigate online and offline. We analyze what interests a specific audience, what users pay attention to in the first place. For easy navigation we create a simple, clear, intuitive interface


We help you connect with your audience. We create campaigns that are often designed to effectively show the value of your product to the target audience, interact with current and former customers, attract new customers, and achieve business goals

Web Development

We develop fast sites with optimized code. We know how to find answers to the most difficult questions. Every time we set new goals, we never stop there. With us, your web journey will be in safe hands

About Us

We are a team of qualified IT chefs. We know how to create innovative digital products that are pleasing to search engines and the target audience of any business. Our mission is simple – to create a site that the customer wants to share with others. We want you to understand the benefits and feasibility of creating a web resource and to repeatedly return the investment spent on business development


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IT-Kitchen – we masterfully and professionally create “delicious” web-sites. Digital products made by us cause appetite from your customers.

Website Development by IT-K Agency – in what price categories we work

Our IT-kitchen prepares web resources for every taste and budget:

1. Simple projects (low-price, fast, practical)

Business card site, landing page, personal page. A great solution for entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses, promotional support. If you have chosen – where to invest a small budget to be closer to customers: in the development of social networks, mobile applications, or in creating an Internet site – choose the latter option, it is a universal tool.

2. Standard projects (Creating a full-fledged site at a reasonable price)

Turnkey corporate website, web catalog of goods, virtual showcase, online store. We do not recommend believing in the theory that sites are no longer interesting to consumers. According to research on global trends in online sales, the audience chooses the most convenient channel for them to receive content and online shopping. Consequently, the market for making websites will develop.

3. Complex, expensive projects (high IT-kitchen for connoisseurs of unique solutions)

Multidomain clusters, online portals, large online stores. Marketing and competitive analysis, market trends research, study and segmentation of the target audience, personal manager.

What works are included in the cost of site development

  • We register domains, connect to quality hosting, create corporate mailboxes.
  • Individual design, layout, programming, testing.
  • We select the optimal content management system (CMS): our team has expertise in working with WordPress. And we learn to use.
  • We build an SEO-module to improve the indexing process and increase the position of the resource in search engines.
  • We connect and configure software modules to improve the functionality of the site. We will find for you high-quality and reliable free modules, as well as the best-paid modules on the market.
  • We care about the security and protection of the site from hacking: we connect HTTPS-protocols, SSL certificates.
  • We create an adaptive interface so that pages can be easily viewed on any gadgets and operating systems, from any browser.

Our goal is for the customer to receive a functional working product, no matter how much it costs to develop a website.

To which customers the IT-Kitchen web studio can be useful

Locally, we are located in Lviv (Ukraine), but we are strategically focused on the worldwide market. We will be happy to help companies from any country with the development of sites at an affordable price and excellent quality. The value of cooperation with us – negotiations in any format, “live” training, expert advice, prompt response to inquiries.
Our foreign partners also like to work with us. As a confirmation – interesting projects in the portfolio for clients from different countries. After all, web-site development takes place in universal programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS. We understand that customers from abroad have a choice – where to order a site, so we try to be competitive in the international market. We have extensive experience in organizing remote comfortable communications.


Fill the form and find out how much it costs to create a site just for your needs and for your customers.