The company respects the privacy of every visitor to the Site. This cookie policy sets out the Company’s policy regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies (“cookie”) on https://www.itk-agency.com.

This Cookie Policy may be modified or supplemented without notifying the user in order to provide accurate information about any changes in technology or legislation that may affect the use of cookies by the Company and how the the way the user manages such files. By using the site, the user gives his/her consent to the use of cookies by the Company and may refuse to use such files at any time in the way and manner described in this Policy.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are used to store or retrieve information to perform certain functions and to memorize visits to a website. There are 2 different types of cookies – session and persistent. Session cookies are only available when the browser is open and are deleted as soon as the user leaves our website. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer’s hard drive for a predetermined period of time or until they are forcibly deleted. Other technologies, including pixels, tags, web beacons, or local storage, also store and retrieve device data and are similar to cookies.


Control or refuse cookies

If you do not want cookies to be used during your visit, you can configure the corresponding functions in your browser or device settings to deny or use restricted types of cookies. The configuration process varies depending on the functionality of your device and browser, so please visit the browser or device settings for more details. If you cannot configure your own cookie usage on your browser or device, go to the help section for more information.

We inform users that certain functions on the Website require the use of cookies, since disabling them may lead to limited functionality of the website and a deterioration in the quality of service.


Use of cookies by the Company

We use information collected from cookies to improve the user experience and operation of the Site, as well as to ensure the security, personalization of content and advertising. The list below contains a detailed description of the order and conditions of use of cookies on the Site:

Required cookies are data that is necessary for the operation of the Site. These include, for example, cookies that allow the user to make a secure login to the pages of the Site. For example among required cookies that are used by the Company are JSESSIONID, which is used as part of the security measures for accessing the Site, and X-Mapping, which is used to route data and page requests to the correct server. This type of cookie is deleted when the browser is closed.

Functional cookies – are used to identify users when re-visiting the pages of the Site. This type of cookies allows you to personalize the content of the Site for specific users, to remember user preferences and to provide services and functional parameters of the Site according to these preferences (such parameters include, for example, the choice of language or region). An example of functional cookies is stack_ch, which allows you to track the entire path of a user on the Site, or gpv_p12, which records from which page of the Site the user has reached another page (tracks the path of the user on the Site).

Session cookies – used to maintain a user session when clicking on links to other web resources. If the user turns on the function of prohibiting the use of this cookie, this will affect the ability to remain in the Site system. PHPSESSID is one of the session cookies. This file is used to establish a user’s session and to pass the information about the user’s session. This type of cookies helps to maintain the status of the user when switching to other pages of the Site.


Third Party Cookies

In order to improve the performance of the Site, the Company uses cookies that are provided by third parties. Such files allow you to personalize the experience of Site users and to improve the conditions and comfort of using the functions of the Site. Third-party cookies are also used to increase the relevance of the Company’s advertising on other web resources. As described in this Policy, the Company may combine data collected about users from other sources (for example, the type and duration of your contract) with data collected using third-party cookies to show the user more relevant ads on the Site and on other web-pages.

The use of this user information for promotional purposes is called targeted or behavioral advertising. The user has the right to refuse to view such advertisements by using the appropriate settings in his/her web browser. If a user disables behavioral advertising it does not mean that he/she will not see online advertising. This disabling means that the user will be shown ads that do not take into account his interests or preferences on the Internet.