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We turn your ideas into quality digital products. We will help you to implement any Internet project. In IT-K Agency you can order a corporate website, eCommerce, virtual showcase, landing page or business card site

What is included with web development

IT-K Agency creates more than just high-quality websites. Additionally, you receive

  • User Training

    Having access to a sophisticated and new sales tool, the user must clearly understand how to use this valuable asset. How does the new site work, what access rights should be given to different employees, how to update or add new content? The IT-K Agency team is always ready to share their experience with clients

  • Responsive Web Design

    Search services have developed a special ranking algorithm mobile-friendly. This means that sites with responsive design – the ability to adapt to any gadgets and user screen sizes – are a priority in search engines. We develop sites where adaptability is the default option. A useful advantage for customers: if you have a responsive website, there is no need to develop a mobile application

  • Page Speed Optimization

    The Page Speed ​​factor affects the position of the resource in search engines and most importantly – the loyalty of users, their time on the site. We analyze a set of processes that affect page load speeds and adjust them. First, we calculate which page speed can be considered optimal for your resource

  • Basic SEO

    The site will be completely ready from a technical point of view for organic promotion in search engines. We perform a set of works, making it easier for SEO-specialists to deal with internal (on-page) and external (off-page) site optimization without code edits

Promoting an Internet resource is a long-term strategy. But this sales tool will work for many years, promoting your brand on the Internet every day

Price List

The most needed services in the web development market. We have indicated the initial prices to order a turnkey site


We develop Internet resources based on the concept of Web 2.0 so that you interact more effectively with your audience

from 1500

Landing page

We develop the design of landing pages to launch an advertising campaign, short-term promotions, e-mails. We will design a separate page on your site or a separate page

from 750


We create virtual showcases with clear navigation for successful online sales. We develop optimal solutions for projects of any complexity

from 2000

Large-scale Internet project

We are able to develop multi-domain clusters, services, and portals designed for a large audience, collect and analyze big data

from 6000

WoW Site

We make interesting, provocative, impressive designs that you want to share, that evoke emotions. If you want bold, creative solutions

from 4000

Mobile App

Let’s create a mobile app for any operating system. A great solution to interact with your customers not only through the site

from 5000

Comprehensive solution

Our cooperation does not end after successful product development. Support and further development of the site is also a significant amount of work.

from 6000
What does our cooperation look like

We have divided the development of any Internet project into 8 simple stages so that you understand the sequence of the web development process.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


    Or instructions. With this tool, the customer formulates their wishes for the product, and the performer understands – what they want from him. The customer describes his vision of the future site – structure, functionality, design wishes. Tells about your business, target audience, market specifics, what tasks the site should solve.

    This is an important step, thanks to the brief we understand – whether there will be enough time and resources to successfully complete the project. The customer expresses wishes concerning terms, orients on the budget. We make calculations and say – what will be the price of this site on a turnkey basis.

    Fill in the brief – easy. Just make an application on our website, answer the questions, write in any form



    This is still the zero stage of work. Technical issues and signing the contract are ahead. Together, the two sides are analyzing who will do what and how. The meaning of this process is not to rush into battle at once but to solve all organizational issues, to layout the project on the shelves, to develop a plan, to draw up a vision of the project on the part of the executor.
    Of course, every business is unique and every customer’s task is unique. But the client’s company works in a certain niche, in the general market – this is the subject of our study. Now it is our turn to study the capabilities of a particular market, competitive environment, target audience. We determine the risks of the project, form a working group.
    This is the joint work of project managers, marketers, analysts from both the web studio and the client. The main goal is to understand that we are implementing the project



    Now it’s the turn of the web studio to work. In the brief, the customer voices his “dream”, and the Specification is when the contractor tells in detail how to implement the project.

    Drawing up a vehicle for turnkey site development is always the task of the executor. The customer only agrees or disagrees. Professional IT teams use the Scrum methodology in project work. The essence of this approach is not to do a long and thorough project completely, but to launch the site as early as possible (beta), and then track consumer response and gradually improve the product



    We create a structure, a visual image, clearly show the customer how all the pages will look after layout and content. A website layout is a browser image, all elements are static and inactive. This is a visual representation for the customer of visual and technical parameters:

    • how many pages the site will contain (menu);
    • page titles (main, about us, services, contacts, portfolio, etc.);
    • in which places there are various graphic elements (buttons, widgets, icons, logo, customer’s slogan, pictures, photos, maps, banners);
    • how branded colors are combined, whether the client likes the color scheme;
    • How the content blocks will look like.

    The main purpose of this stage: the customer evaluates the ease of navigation and usability of the product



    First, we ask the customer about the presence of a ready-made corporate style (logo, corporate fonts, and colors, other identities). On the basis of the image elements received from the customer, we develop a visual component of a website that turns out not only beautiful but also conveniently. If the client does not have a brand book, ITK-Agency can help. This is a separate service.

    The “coloring” of the site usually includes buttons, banners, icons, illustrations, and other graphic elements.

    This is the most difficult stage of development because the process is evaluated from a subjective point of view. Sometimes, it is difficult for the customer to set a task, to formulate wishes – no problem, this is step-by-step work. Each element of web design is finalized until the finalists approve the final options. The main thing is to create a convenient, practical and aesthetic interface



    We independently make a high-quality layout and integrate the template into the CMS. IT-K Agency recommends WordPress (we do not use template solutions). Why do we recommend this interface? Our team has developed professionalism in this system. CMS WordPress is optimal for many sites:

    • it is a free, convenient, time-tested, and reliable platform;
    • comfortable, intuitive administrative interface – no less important. After all, the site needs to be updated regularly. It should be convenient for the owner or administrator to “fill in” the news or article on the site;
    • the ability to scale and develop the resource in the future, customize, change the appearance.

    In any case, the main thing for us is to make sure that the chosen CMS is suitable for the task, functionality, goals, conditions of site maintenance.

  • QA


    The final stage of work. We must say that many web developers skip this step, and the customer gets a product that just seems quality. In fact, after the launch of the site is evaluated by the strictest judges – users, end customers. If people are uncomfortable using a resource, a product, they will not express their dissatisfaction openly, they will just leave. That’s why it is so important that QA specialists put themselves in the place of the average user and do everything possible to give the visitor a good first impression of the site and the company as a whole.

    IT-K Agency is engaged in comprehensive testing of websites, assessing the quality of the finished product. The testing service is included in the cost of turnkey site development.



    We develop all sites on our servers and domains. This means that the resource is not indexed before launch, the pages can be viewed and evaluated only by our employees and the customer’s team. Successful completion of all work on web development is when the customer likes every pixel of the new site, and the development team is confident in quality functionality.
    Next, we transfer the finished site from our resources to the client’s domain. If the customer did not take care in advance of the domain name (addresses in the zone .com, .org, .info, .net, etc.) and hosting (where all information is stored), we help with this task


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Let’s analyze the typical objections of customers who have doubts – whether to order the development of the site in a professional web studio


1. Why do we need external contractors? We have an admin

It is great that the company has an IT administrator, but web development is not within the competence of even the best system administrator. To develop a turnkey site, ie – comprehensively, from scratch, you need a team of about ten different professionals. We have such people. And you?

2. The cost of site development is too high. But there are free page-builders

Of course, there are free page-builders on the market to build a site based on a template. But what will you get as a result? Remember: it is impossible to manage a resource that in principle does not belong to you. Your “free” site belongs to the developers of the page-builder, who can make any changes without being interested in the opinion of users. And the most important problem: page-builder sites have problems with indexing. Do you still need it?

3. Expensive price in your studio! “Biting” price for turnkey site development

The pricing of IT products is formed based on a set of factors. There are indicators of business profitability, and remuneration of qualified employees, the purchase of special work tools for the customer’s project, and many other costs.