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We are sure that the processes of site development and cooking are identical. Therefore, we are happy to use culinary metaphors. In the kitchen of the restaurant, a team of chefs does their part of the job to treat the visitor to a set dinner. It depends on the coordinated team cooperation whether the dish will be tasty.

Lunch begins with an aperitif. Cold shop chefs develop architecture. It depends on them – how thoughtful, complete and unique the prototype will be.
Masters from the “design shop” prepare dishes that not only look beautiful, but also convenient to consume. In web design, both design and “stuffing” are important.
Layout’s virtuosos. In this case, accuracy, attentiveness, and the desire for perfectionism are important. These are complex recipes – only a chef can handle it.
Chefs-programmers “stuff” the site with the right ingredients in the right proportions to get nutritious.
Marketers prepare a multi-component dish, the recipe of which allows many variations for every taste.
The SEO chef monitors calorie balance. The dish should be not only useful but also with the right proportion of nutrients.
SMM is a glass of clean water. As lunch is impossible without this nutritious liquid, so business is difficult to develop without communication with customers.
And for dessert – appetizing content from the chefs of the confectionery shop.

What we do

We create innovative products that help sell, improve communication with customers, create a name on the market

Many years of experience in web development, design, marketing

Web Development

The main goal is to create a modern and fast website: which is convenient to manage without professional knowledge and skills, if necessary, it is possible to scale, which saves resources for further support and promotion.


We design unique interfaces, we think over the most logical options of giving of the information: quantity of elements, navigation, registration. We analyze user behavior. We create corporate styles


We develop a digital strategy so that you can convert leads into customers, expand the base of regular, loyal customers, increase the average check and sales in general.





Project Manager




WordPress developer


WordPress developer


UI/UX designer


Graphic Designer





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